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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Dennis Moore

  • Rt Elbow

“Experience has been excellent.

I had a 80% tear above my right elbow. It really disappointed me as I am a avid bowler, I was not able to bowl with my right hand due to pain.

Dr. Phan put a small brace in my elbow to put my tendons back together. Within 4 months I was able to go back to bowl with my right hand one game at a time.

7 months later I am able to bowl 3 games again. Dr. Phan has listened to me at every appointment. Staff is wonderful.”

Deborah Hanson

  • RT Femur ORIF/RT TKA

“It took a couple of years, weight loss and a broken femur to convince me to get a new knee. Dr. Phan encouraged me to have the procedure when I kept complaining about the pain in my knee. We tried injections and arthroscopic surgery before I was finally convinced to get the new knee. Dr. Phan did a wonderful job and his staff coordinated everything. The first two weeks were not easy in my recovery, but with PT (physical therapy) I managed to make good progress. Dr. Phan was correct in his diagnosis and one year later, I am glad I had the surgery. The scar looks great as well!”

Gaynell Rodgers

  • RT TKA

“Office personnel have all been great. Dr. Phan is a great surgeon. Surgery helped me walk w/o a limp. Everything turned out great!”

Mary Leal Radney

  • RT Ankle ORIF

“I am completely happy and satisfied with the professionalism and friendliness of Dr. Phan and his office staff from my 1st interaction to present. He is the reason I have my foot and am able to walk and hopefully jog again. I recommend Dr. Phan to everyone and would come back for all mine and my families needs.”

Gerlad Bowman

  • RT TKA

“My name is Gerald Bowman I experienced a right knee replacement on April 27, 2021. It started out as a bumpy road with the surgery. As of today April 4,.2022 Dr. Phan and staff did an outstanding job. I would never forget the service and love these guys gave me. Thank you very much Dr. Phan and staff with love.”

Lynnette Carter

  • RT THA

“Dr. Phan is great. I had fallen during the great ice storm of 2021 and broken my hip. Mine was emergency surgery and so I didn't have a "choice" of doctors, but I could not have been given a better one than Dr. Phan. He did an excellent job of replacing my hip, advising me on all steps I need to take in recovery and what to expect all along the way. If you have a choice on your surgeon - choose Dr. Phan!

PS: His staff is as fantastic as he is!”

Mike Gallagher

  • LT Shoulder

“Very good doctor and staff. Checked problem. Had shoulder surgery and everything went well. Went to rehab and was very glad I went. Shoulder is doing great and feeling good. Doctor and staff very good.

Glad I came to Dr. Phan.”

Anita Hughes

  • LT Humerus ORIF

“Very pleased with the results of my surgery. After falling and fracturing my arm/shoulder, Dr. Phan put everything back together. Excellent work and great nursing staff.”

Malik Anthony

  • RT Achilles w/ PRP injection

“Dr. Phan did a great job and helped me to a quick recovery.”

Lana Sims

  • LT TKA

“Dr. Van Phan has been very very competent in every aspect of his care during and after the replacement of my knee. Recovery went well.

Having my aging knees both replace has allowed me to lead an active life into my 80s.

I still climb the mountain trails of Big Bend, hike, garden and enjoy a life of action instead of life in a wheelchair of rocker.”

Carey Mattucci

  • RT Ankle ORIF

“Great experience. Got emergency surgery from Dr. Phan post accident on ankle - no issues in surgery, no issues post ordering PT. Very accommodating office staff - they never complained about sending/updating work disability forms and always prompt to return.”

R. Archer

  • Knee issues due to arthritis

“Dr. Phan has been a God-send. I have been dealing with arthritis since 2019. I visited multiple doctors, including other orthopedic physicians, with little to no success. Dr. Phan has walked me through the entire experience and actually help my knee, my quality of life, and my attitude. Dr. Phan is strictly business with no nonsense. I appreciate his candor and direct approach to care. I trust his medical decisions completely.”

Jean Ann Williams

  • RT TKA

“My knee was so painful and I had a great difficulty walking. Afraid that I might be wheelchair-bound the rest of my life, I thought about knee replacement surgery. I am not an athletic person, and the thought of physical therapy scared me. I was afraid I could not do it. However, Dr. Phan counseled me, explained the surgery thoroughly, and was available to answer any questions I had. Physical therapy turned out to be wonderful; I could do it! It is now a year later, I'm walking without any pain. I'm climbing stairs and walking around Disney World without a walker or a scooter. I'm so glad I had this surgery! I have my life back!”

Glenn Rusk

  • Lt Patella Tendon

“I like the office people and Dr. Phan. He takes his time with you. He tells you what you need to know.”

Donna Rogers

  • RT THA

“Your staff was excellent answered my questions. I could understand and hear nurses. I had a hip replacement on my rt side and my incision is barely noticeable. I appreciate Dr. Phan and his staff. Keep up with your practice. Highly recommend Dr. Phan.

Thank you,