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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Myrna Harbuck

  • RT THA

“I could not walk without excruciating pain. I missed many family outings. I walk perfectly without pain now. I had 3 months rehab (x2 a week) and it made a big difference. Dr. Phan is a good doctor, straight "seamstress" too -beautiful scar.

P.S. Be sure to exercise your good leg before surgery.”

Glenn Human


“Everything from consult to end result has excellent. I have two replacements by Dr. Phan both are great. His staff is very professional and helpful. A great overall experience. The best thing is to have them replaced. It is all worth it.”

Cynthia Longron

  • RT THA

“I needed both hips replaced - I chose the worst hip. The nurses and Dr. Phan were professional. Made my stay and recovery a breeze. Compared to the year of pain I have had. This should have happened years ago! Now i an not afraid of doing the 2nd hip. That was my dread - 2 hip replacements such a short time apart, but I will be ready when the time comes.”

Donald Farrell Jr.

  • RT TKA

“Everyone was very nice and professional. They answered all questions with care and concern.”

Mazhar Jamil

  • LT TKA

“Staff is very approachable. Dr. Phan did an excellent job with my knee replacement. I had both knees done and know his technical ability is beyond most. He always answered my questions.”

Donald Zapalac

  • RT TKA

“Excellent, professional doctor, well experienced and trained. I would highly recommend Dr. Phan for all your needs.”

Jerry Phillips

  • Lt TKA

“It has been great!”

Mary Baker


“Before I had knee surgery I limped and dragged my left leg because of pain. It has been a year since I had my surgery. I've lost 50lbs, I walk every chance i get and have gotten a new lease on life. Dr. Phan had replaced my right knee 15 years ago. The healing took a little longer this time but it was well worth it. Dr. Phan explains everything and cares about his patients. I'm 72 years old and would do it again.”

April R, Finney

  • RT TKA

“The staff at the hospital has been so good. Dr. Van Phan is amazing. His staff has been so nice. I am no longer using a cane. The difference in my knee and leg is amazing (difference like night and day). The post surgery time was so easy I should have done this a long time ago. It not only helped by giving me a new knee but it has helped my back also. I feel like a new person. I will not hesitate to have my other knee replaced when the time comes. Beyond Excellent!”

Lana H. Sims


“I'm 79 and had my knee replacement 6 months ago. My other knee was replaced 7 years ago. Now I can walk, climb stairs, hike in hilly country without feeling any pain.This enable me to remain active as I age. I'm so grateful for Dr. Phan's excellent skill and for the technology that has made my life so much more enjoyable.”

Myrna Harbuck

  • RT THA

“At my 6 month appointment, Dr. Phan saw that i could stand and walk without the slightest limp. I can walk with out any pain in my hip, knee, and back because my hip was replaced by Dr. Phan and his team.”

Mary Lorie

  • LT TKA

“Excellent. Office staff is extremely helpful . Dr. Van Phan is the best. Follow Dr orders pre-surgery, do exercises he gives you to strengthen muscles. I feel like I was ahead of the healing game compared to others.”

Jeff Newberry

  • Rt Shoulder

“"I was suffering shoulder pain at a level that was disrupting my daily life, I couldn't lift my arm above my shoulder, could't throw a ball with my grandchildren, as well as pain affecting my sleep. I was miserable for too long. After having the surgery to repair my shoulder, and following the prescribed rehab schedule (it is important to give time to heal properly). My right arm/shoulder are back to full strength & mobility and not limited to any activity. Don't live with pain another day. Dr. Phan and his staff are the best!"”

Angela Terry

  • LT TKA, LT Humerus Fracture

“"I had a very successful total knee replacement. The office staff was always helpful. Appointments were always easily scheduled without a long wait. Dr. Phan is following my other knee and will be my orthopedic for it when needed. He also took care of an arm fracture for me as well."”

Sandra McQueen

  • RT TKA

“My knee replacement by Dr. Phan was incredibly easy. I was in pain before the surgery and once I was out of surgery the pain was minimal and in just a few days there was no pain at all. I wish I had done the surgery years ago. Dr. Phan is phenomenal.”