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Patient Testimonials

Share Your Experience!

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Joseph Barbour

  • LT TKA

“The staff is attentive, friendly and professional. The thing I appreciate the most is Dr. Phan will stay with you until you no longer have questions.”

Bernard Beltran

  • RT TKA

“Office employees are great, Dr. Phan is also awesome. I had a full knee replacement. Now my knee is not 18 degrees off, it is straight and I'm painless. Thank you Dr. Van Phan you the man, you're awesome. ”

Kathryn Mims

  • LT TKA

“Great doctor. First few months after surgery, i was not sure I made a good decision for TKR. I was trying too hard to recover. At the 6 month point, things changed and it was a lot better. It has been great ever since then. I am able to exercise now, i have lost weight and feel better. Physical therapy is important to getting back your health.”

Donald Farrell Jr

  • 2 Total Knee Replacements

“Had my 2nd knee replaced at end of April this year and like first one, recovering is going great !! Would highly recommend Dr Phan to others. From first visit, surgery, and recovering, Dr Phan has explained what I had in store. As he said in one of our first discussions about the replacements, therapy is a must to follow to get back to having a "fun" lifestyle. Thank you to Dr Phan and his staff !!”

Deanna Wedgman

  • RT TKA

“The people in this place are great. Dr. Van Phan is really nice and knows what he is doing. The reason I came to him, my granddaughter worked with him in surgery, she said he was the best. So I am glad I came here. She was right!”

Mary Greene

  • LT TKA

“I am very satisfied and happy with the outcome of my total knee replacement done by Dr. Van Phan. I have no pain in my knee, I can move more freely and i don't need any support when standing or walking. Thank you, thank you!”

Ann Wright

  • LT Femur Fracture

“Love the professionalism and kindness!”

Jo Smith

  • LT THA

“I am a 74 year old female. When I first visited with Dr. Phan, I could not walk. My hip was bone-on-bone and I was living in severe pain. I am now 3 months out from surgery and for the most part pain free. Dr. Phan and his office staff have been a great support system. He was always very clear in letting me know what to expect and what it would take to be well again. I now can walk again and my quality of life has improved so much.”


  • Patricia Heauser

“Great, I love my new hip! No pain!”

Linda Livoti McElroy


“I was headed for a wheelchair because the bone-on-bone was so painful. Dr. Van Phan replaced the left knee 5yrs ago and the right knee one year ago. I consider this a miracle. I have no pain whatsoever and love my life again. I am thankful everyday I can walk and even dance once n a while. This 70yr old feels young and healthy again.”

Frank Wesley Lofton

  • RT RTC

“I was in a great deal of pain in my right shoulder when I came to see Dr. Van Phan. He found that I had a rotator cuff tear from the 1 o'clock to the 7 o'clock (108 degrees) position. Dr. Van Phan operated and completely restored my shoulder. I feel great and all the pain is gone. Dr. Van Phan is the greatest. Thank you for giving me back my shoulder.”

Carole Massey


“My experience with Dr. Van Phan's office staff and the doctor has been excellent. They have always been courteous and paid attention to all concerns I had. I would recommend his office and him to anyone needing knee replacement or carpel tunnel or rotator cuff surgery.”

Don Turner

  • RT TKA

“Very good experience. Explained all my options and let me decide when it was time to replace my knee. Glad I did, now I am back to doing the things i enjoy pain free.”

Tom Haydon

  • LT TKA

“I am a 69 year old male and had a knee replacement last year.The surgery went flawless and rehab was at times challenging. However in my case I controlled the pain with naproxen and after 6 weeks I was fine. This is the best thing I have ever done and I am currently pain free at last with no restrictions. Thank you Dr. Phan!”

Marie Jackson

  • RT TKA

“The office personnel is very caring and Dr. Phan was very helpful in getting me ready for operation. Dr. Phan did a wonderful job and I am very satisfied. ”